Campobello Island Seaglass Festival The Stephanie behind Seaglass September! … The idea for a seaglass festival had been with me for a year or twobefore I talked it over with my fiance and decided to make it a reality. In 2019 we put together a mini festival for mid-September and

Campobello’s Fogfest 2021

Campobello Island’s Fogfest is a young and growing annual music and arts festival held on beautiful Campobello Island in the Bay of Fundy. Established in 2013 to raise awareness of the island’s rich cultural history and tremendous natural beauty, Fog Fest offers a range of with music to suit every

CAMPOBELLO ISLAND, Canada – A young minke whale is safe after being freed from a rope anchored in waters in the Bay of Fundy off New Brunswick.

Res Krebs, of the International Fund for Animal Welfare, says a whale rescue team was able to disentangle the 3.6 metre long calf.

Krebs says the whale was found entangled in the rope Monday by a whale watching vessel about 13 kilometres north of Campobello Island.

He says the juvenile minke was swimming at a sharp angle and was struggling to breathe because of a thick rope through its mouth.

Krebs says the rescue team was able to quickly cut the rope and free the whale.

He says the rescue team continues to track a humpback whale that is entangled in fishing gear and is currently swimming in an area off Brier Island, N.S.

Young whale rescued in Bay of Fundy