Campobello Island Seaglass Festival



The Stephanie behind Seaglass September! …

The idea for a seaglass festival had been with me for a year or twobefore I talked it over with my fiance and decided to make it a reality. In 2019 we put together a mini festival for mid-September and everybody had a blast, it was one of the busiest weekends on the Island! Then 2020 happened, and instead of cancelling as so many festivals did, we switched it up to “Seaglass September” – a socially distanced, go at your own pace, event for the whole month. This format also helps with overcrowding as Campobello Island only has so much room, and so few businesses, to accommodate everyone. Seaglass September is here to stay! 🏝️💎🌊

Grab your camera and get a picture of as many of these as you can! 📸
This is a socially distanced, online, event that everyone can do at their own pace.
Submit your entries on the Facebook page or email them to 📱
3 entries will be selected at the end of September and they will each receive Seaglass Festival merchandise!

Scavenger Hunt

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