Young whale rescued in Bay of Fundy

CAMPOBELLO ISLAND, Canada – A young minke whale is safe after being freed from a rope anchored in waters in the Bay of Fundy off New Brunswick.

Res Krebs, of the International Fund for Animal Welfare, says a whale rescue team was able to disentangle the 3.6 metre long calf.

Krebs says the whale was found entangled in the rope Monday by a whale watching vessel about 13 kilometres north of Campobello Island.

He says the juvenile minke was swimming at a sharp angle and was struggling to breathe because of a thick rope through its mouth.

Krebs says the rescue team was able to quickly cut the rope and free the whale.

He says the rescue team continues to track a humpback whale that is entangled in fishing gear and is currently swimming in an area off Brier Island, N.S.

Young whale rescued in Bay of Fundy

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